Virginia Spindler, MS, NCC, LPC - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step -Lao Tzu
About Me:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience helping individuals with a variety of difficulties. I have a positive wellness approach and focus on individual strengths.

I believe in the innate worth of every human being.  We are all striving to be the very best that we can with the resources we have. We may not all be responsible for our problems or current situation, but we have to be the ones to solve them anyway. I operate from a humanistic, existential and person-centered approach focusing on meaning in one’s life and relationships. I view counseling from a holistic and strength based perspective and believe total wellness is the balance of mind, body and spirit. I promise to provide an environment where you can discover your strengths and find positive meaning in your life. I love helping people grow and I am humbled by the awesome privilege of being part of an individual’s growth journey.

We all share a common experience in that we are all pilgrims traveling life's journey.

Along the road
Your path may wander
A pilgrim’s faith may fail
Absence makes the heart grow stronger
Darkness obscures the trail.

Along the road
Your steps my tumble
Your thoughts may start to stray
But through it all a heart held humble
Levels and lights your way.

- Dan Fogelberg

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